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Quantum, a division of Century Industries, announced today that guava flavor aloe vera drink has formed a joint venture agreement exclusively with Aloe Goods International, Inc. a leading developer and manufacturer of liquid food products products.Under terms consortium, Citric will contract manufacturer for Quantum and Quantum will provide sales and marketing.


Aloe currently produces over 400 different types."This joint venture will lead to a stream of new guava flavor aloe vera drink products that will place revolutionary Quantum forefront of the industry in nutrition," said Reed, chairman of President Quantum.Aloe L. Scott McKnight said, know-how Quantum ideal partner to market our products are sold, and also further market penetration of aloe nutrition. "


McKnight is founder and president of the International Aloe Science Council, the industry club higher quality manufacturers.Quantum and guava flavor aloe vera drink and functional drinks market ready to drink concentrates and aluminum products case.

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