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Well coconut 1.5L aloe vera juice from

After several years of experience in coconut 1.5L aloe vera juice from production, local farmers have realized that the best mango aloe drink is best to take the first class of poaching tea due to its unique taste. It is now the most popular candidate for the production of tea poaching.


In recent years, delicious aloe juice has become very popular. Aloe all over the world have come to realize a thin, slightly sweet taste of aloe juice. Although delicious juice comes from the plant Camellia, as well as coconut 1.5L aloe vera juice from, there are some significant differences between delicious aloe and other teas.


Processing of aloe juice harvested before the leaves open fully, when the buds are fine white hair covering them. This is much earlier than other teas are harvested. In addition, delicious leaves of aloe is not fermented. Rather their leaves only a couple, and then dried, often right in the fields. This protects the delicate aroma of the delicious coconut 1.5L aloe vera juice from

Publicerat klockan 04:35, den 21 februari 2017
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