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Aloe Vera has been proven effective with the use

IASC consists of competitive companies have joined forces to develop the standards, to fund research and create certification standards in an effort to ensure that consumers can rely on clean, pure and safe aloe products. More recently IASC has urged FDA to create a difference between Aloe Rx and Aloe vera.

Status of Research

These days it is easy to go to the local store and find a product that contains Aloe vera. It can be found in products such as hand lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, drinks or dietary supplements. In the mind of the consumer Aloe vera is one of the highest levels of recognition as a beneficial herb.

 aloe vera gel 3

In recent history, Aloe Vera has been proven effective with the use of various institutions. Burn Hospital Shriner, in Galveston, TX, for example, using Aloe vera as a burn protocol. Furthermore, there are several approved medical devices containing aloe vera used in hospitals throughout the world for treating decubinus ulcers, also known as bed sores, and to soften and relieve irritated and cracked skin. It is also used in radiotherapy to reduce the effects of high radiation dose to the skin burning.




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